Frequently Asked Questions

How can I invest in RoyalClub?
Once you have completed the registration stage, you will be able to establish your first deposit from your Personal Account.
All deposits are made strictly through the Personal Account.
You can access your Personal Account using the username and password you have specified during the registration.
How do I register with RoyalClub?
It is quite simple and convenient. Follow this link and fill out the registration form.
What are the advantages of investing in RoyalClub over other investment methods?
The advantage of investing in RoyalClub is that upon investing money in our company, you will become free to go about your business, while money will flow to your account and our specialists will work for you.
I would like to invest in RoyalClub, but I do not have a Perfect Money wallet. What should I do?
You can set up Perfect Money accounts completely free of charge.
Is there any fee charged when opening a deposit?
A fee for opening a deposit is charged only on the payment system's side.
What currency do you accept?
You can open deposits in US dollars through the following systems: Perfect Money
How can I check my account balance?
You can access account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the RoyalClub website in your Personal Account.
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
You can apply for withdrawal of funds via Perfect Money = 0,1$, EPayCore = 0,1$, USDT - 5$.
Do you have a minimum and maximum limit for depositing funds?
Yes, the minimum possible client deposit is $ 10, the maximum $ 100.
What is the affiliate program of the project?
5% is the reward from the deposit of the referral you invited.
How can I withdraw funds?
Log in to your Personal Account using your username and password, go to the withdrawal section and place an order for withdrawing funds using the code you have created during the registration.
What is your referral reward system?
We have an accumulative and very profitable referral reward system for everyone. Referral rewards are not credited to deposits opened for the account balance. Each contribution from your partner is transferred to the balance of your Personal Account in the payment system where the deposit was established! (e.g. if the deposit was opened through Perfect Money, you will receive referral rewards from the referred client's deposit in the Perfect Money payment system, and you will be able to withdraw your reward only in Perfect Money).
How long after a payment will it take to add a deposit to my account?
It all depends on the payment system you use: from instant crediting to 6 hours of waiting, depending on the availability of operators.
What should I do if I forgot my password and unable to log in to my account?
Follow the password recovery link, enter your username or email address, and you will receive account information to your email address specified during the registration.
How can I change my password?
You can change your password in your Personal Account, in the personal data section.
What is the PIN code for? How can I restore it?
PIN code is an additional security code that will be requested when applying for a withdrawal of funds. You have to create and remember it during the registration. If you have forgotten your PIN code and are unable to order a withdrawal, write a request to our support department. The letter must include your details specified during the registration.
How soon will I get an answer to a request sent to the support department?
They will answer you as quickly as possible, but when the operators are busy, the waiting interval may be extended no more than up to 12 hours.
If I made a deposit, but it was not activated, what should I do?
1) Your login in the system.
2) Deposit amount, payment system.
3) Transaction date.
4) Transaction ID/Hash (TXID).
Can I make a deposit from the funds in my account?
Yes. To make a deposit using the funds available in your account, simply log into your account and select the option “Make a deposit from the balance”.
Can I open several deposits in my Personal Account if I already have one active deposit?
Yes, you can. We do not limit the number of deposits.
If I make an additional deposit, will the funds be added to the first one? Or will the be credited to my account as a new deposit?
The funds will go to your chosen plan as a new deposit, if the plan does not provide for deposit replenishment.
If I replenish an active deposit, when will it expire?
The funds will go to a new deposit account according to the chosen plan. You can replenish an active deposit, but the effective period for the deposit will begin from the very beginning of the investment period.
After I made a withdrawal request, when will the funds be credited to my account?
Applications will be processed within 48 hours after ordering. Except Saturday, Sunday and national holidays or New Year holidays (December 28 to January 5).
How many days a week the interest is credited to my deposit?
We credit the profit to your deposit seven days a week.
Are multi-accounts allowed?
If inconsistent multi-accounts are detected, your account will be blocked without the possibility of recovery, and the funds will be confiscated. This is strictly prohibited, you can register an account only from one computer or from one IP address. If you want to register your relatives from the same computer or IP address, you will not able to use the referral link. Without referral links, you can open additional accounts for your needs. If we find any violations, your deposits will be confiscated in full.
Is an early withdrawal of my deposit possible?
Only for clients with VIP status. At the same time, profits for the entire period will be withheld.
Is a loss of my investment possible?
No, we protect against losses by deducing 10% of each deposited amount to the stabilization fund on a daily basis.
Who is interested in the profitability of my account?
There are three parties interested in the profitability of your account: our professional traders, who depend on the amount of operating funds for the success of the transaction, a broker who earns on attracted investments and brokerage fees, and, of course, the investor who had placed his or her money into our management.
I do not receive letters from RoyalClub
Please check the SPAM folder in your mail inbox. If the problem is not resolved, then write to us and we will solve it. We recommend using reliable email services such as to work with our company.
I did not find the answer to my question.
You can ask your question by going to the section «Contacts» or contact the operator in the chat, your question will not be left unanswered.